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Insurance Considerations for Newlyweds

Choosing insurance may not be as romantic as deciding where to go on your honeymoon, but it is one of the most important things you can do as newlyweds! Although most couples are aware of the need to readdress their insurance needs when they get married, there is a disconnect between that awareness and whether they take action.

We at Robins can help you narrow down your options when you start this discussion – below are some helpful topics to consider:

Auto Insurance – if you and your spouse have separate auto insurance policies, it may be wise to combine them. Get quotes from each of your carriers, and shop around to see if any others offer multivehicle discounts. Keep in mind that it may not always make sense to bundle your car insurance policies. If your spouse has a poor driving record, you may end up paying more by bundling. Nonetheless, you may still qualify for a discount just for being married. Insurers typically offer discounted rates to people just for being married, because of the assumption that married people drive safer.

Life Insurance – newlyweds who both have jobs and are not yet dependent on their spouse’s income may not see the need for life insurance. However, as they build their lives together, that dependency grows. If you’re young and healthy, you can benefit from getting life insurance early in your marriage, since you can typically lock in better rates than if you’re older. Rember that the older you get, the higher the rates, so taking care of it sooner is better than later.

If you already had life insurance prior to tying the knot, don’t forget to add your new spouse as a beneficiary.

Homeowner’s insurance – homeowner’s insurance is similar to renter’s insurance, but it covers more than just your possessions. It also covers your home in case of fire, theft or other perils. Both renters insurance and homeowner’s insurance also provide liability coverage.

Addressing your insurance needs early provides a solid foundation for your marriage. Review your financial situation and objectives with your spouse and contact us today!! Robins will help you find sufficient coverage and are here to help guide you. Click the button below for a consultation or email us at

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